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VH Dissector platform for medical education
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Shandong University School of Medicine  purchases the VH Dissector platform for medical education especially for our MBBS students.,which will benefit a lot to your medical study especially for anatomy study.
Built on real anatomy from the National Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Project, the Touch of Life Technologies VH Dissector platform for medical education provides students with an integrated environment for anatomical education and reference. With the ability to interact with correlated 3D and cross-sectional views of over 2,000 anatomical structures through identification, dissection, assembly and rotation, the VH Dissector helps students understand the complex three-dimensional structure of the human body.
Before you use it,please download  from Client Software Download and install the system with the tips below.
Tips for installation: Click to download
Website: http://mvl.sdu.edu.cn/virtual/sddxyxy/xtx4_01-english.htm

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