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Annual Assessment of Warning,Degrading and Dismissing of Academic Year 2012
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Dear all,


All the results of Semester 2 Year 2012 has been put in the Info System On Line by last weekend. As the direction you’ve get during the exam weeks 19-20, annual assessment will be announced by both Website and Bulletin.


Warning, Demotion and Dismission Name list of Academic Year 2012 ←Click to Check 

This is just the preliminary dicision. If unfortunately you are on the above list, please pay attention to the following:

l        Office will close from Jan. 23 rd for winter vacation and will open from Feb. 22nd.

l        Any one who is not satisfied with the marks or the punishment, please register for rechecking and apply for annual assessment according to the schedule as follows. Anyone who tries to begging the teachers for more marks or cancelled the punishment will not be accepted. Please appeal orderly.

l        Rechecking for the results of Semester 2 Year 2012

March 6-8, 2013

l        Appealing for Annual Assessment ←Click to download

March 11-15, 2013

Please download the application form, fill it in and print it out, then hand it in to AOTU before March 15, 2013.

l        Final officail assessment released

 March 18-20, 2013


About degrading and dismissing.

l        Degrading

 Degrading means that the student’s status has to be changed into the lower grade. Consequently, he/she must retake the courses with students of the lower grade.

The change of student’s status is operated by International affair department from the Registration System of China Scholarship Council (CSC);

l        Dismissing

Dismissing means student has to stop studying in Shandong University School of Medicine. SDU has stopped accepting students who has received dismissing from grade 2012.

The Assessment ways and details please check The Annual Assessment for Awards and Degrading or Dismissing

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