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To Grade 2014 and 2015: Arrangement of pre-prebation at 4 May
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To grade 2014-1&2 and 2015,

   The pre-prebation at 4 May is as below. Please take a photo of it for the address and contact information.

The bus will be near the north gate as usual. THE BUS WILL NOT WAIT, SO PLEASE  BE THERE BEFORE 8:00am and 1:30 pm, OR YOU HAVE TO TAKE A TAXI BY YOURSELF.

If other problem,call the office.

Grade 2014-1 & 2

Week Time Hospital Department Place Contacts 学生人数 分组Groups
11 54 8:00-12:00am 省立医院                                               Shandong Provincial Hospital 眼科学 Ophthalmology 三号病房楼的一层( Third Ward (the first layer of the five-storey ward building)) Pro. Shen 申家泉15168887733 65 2

Grade 2015

Week Time Hospital Department(科室请译成英文) Place(中英文) Contacts(中英文) 学生人数 分组Groups
11 54 1:30-5:30pm 省立医院                                               Shandong Provincial Hospital 临床护理 clinical nursing 办公楼前大松树下                                                                The big pine trees before the office buidling Dr. Chen             陈林15054152080 57 2

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