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The pre-prebation for G 2014
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To Grade 2014-1 &2,

   The arrangement of pre-prebation from 18th May to 1st June is as follows. For the pre-prebation at 18th May(tomorrow) you shall pided into 2 groups and set off at the different time. please check the name list to find the appointed time. 

Week Time Hospital Department(科室请译成英文) Place(中英文) Contacts(中英文) 学生人数 分组Groups
13 518 8:00-12:00am 山大二院    The second hospital Of Shandong University 内分泌科  Department of Endocrinology 二号病房楼三层 The third floor of the second ward building 李晓博 Xiaobo Li 18753158195 65 2
14 525 8:00-12:00am 济南市传染病医院                                         Jinan Hospital for Infectious Disease 肝病科 Hepatic Department 济南市传染病医院二科 2nd Division of Liver Diseases(2nd floor of the Five story building) 李强医生 Dr.Li 87935971-8012;13605312756 65 2
15 61 8:00-12:00am 山东省精神卫生中心                             Shandong Mental Health Care 司法鉴定 山东省精神卫生中心门诊楼 Shandong Mental Health Center, Clinical Building  王旸

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