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G12: Notice about the Clinical Rotation
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According to the regulation, anyone who is qualified for the rotation could leave for rotation on time.

Requirement for the clinical rotation (G2012):
1. Complete 120 credits;
2. Finished exams of internal Medicine, surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics.

1. Any one who want to go for rotation, please come to the office to register first. Office needs at least 1 week to prepare the rotation documents. If you register late, please wait in patience. If it's during the vacation, you could only get them till the new semester. Office closes during the vacation.
2. You need to hand back those documents to the office after your rotation. Any one who goes to the rotation without the documents would not be accepted by the university. Please come to the office first.
3. The rotation requires at least 44 weeks (natural weeks, work extra time during the weekend or night would not be count into that).
4.Since there are still 12 credits left need to be finished to make you qualified for the graduation, please well consider that before you leave. Usually there is only 1 graduation exam every year (on April). Only those who are qualified for the graduation (complete 132 credits, finish more than 3 elective courses, pass Chinese exam, finish rotation) then could take part in the graduation exam. If you fail any of them, you have to wait next year. There is no more special make-up exam for graduation student (from G12).
5. Office strongly suggests that please pass as many credits as you can before you leave for rotation. Or even you leave for ration earlier; you might delay your graduation also.
6. All the exam will follow the normal schedule. The subject you fail or do not take perhaps would not have exam immediately
when you come back.

Those who want to do the rotation in China, only could apply on March.

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