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Clinical Electives Application for International Medical Students
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* Please read carefully before filling out the application form

Shandong University School of Medicine (SDUSM) offers three/four-week clinical electives for international medical students (NOT for students from Shandong University) between March and December each year. In order to be eligible for a limited number of clinical rotation positions for international medical students, the following requirements must be met:

(1) Students MUST be in good academic standing in their own medical school.

(2) Proficiency in Chinese/English language, particularly in speaking and listening comprehension as requested.


Clinical rotation is developed based on hospital resources and provides optimal clinical opportunities for students. Qilu Hospital of Shandong University with best level of teaching, medicine and research is mainly in charge of clinical rotation. Below are the details of Qilu Hospital:



Application Methods

Visiting students who wish to apply to elective rotation are required to fill out the application form Clinical Electives Application for International Medical Students at least 3 MONTHS before the beginning of the rotation. Please complete the form and list your rotation department(s) choices in order of preference, including which period you prefer for each elective. Please send us the completed application form and Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) by email, mail or in person.

Mailing Address: Foreign Affairs Office,

2nd Floor, Teaching Building 8,

No. 44 Wen Hua Xi Road (Shandong University, Baotuquan Campus),

Lixia District, Jinan, Shandong, P.R. China

Postcode: 250012

Email: xiajing@sdu.edu.cn.


Note: Upon receipt of the above documents, the application will be reviewed by chairperson(s) of the respective department(s). When the application is accepted, a letter of acceptance describing all rotation schedules of the clinical electives will be issued. The applicant must respond to our arrangements within one week after receiving the letter of acceptance.


Course Fee and Insurance

Tuition: around 1,000 RMB/week; Registration fee: 400 RMB/person 

Reminder: The fee is non-refundable if the student subsequently shortens or withdraws the courses. No subsidy or stipend is available from SDUSM or its affiliated hospital for the student’s stay in Jinan.


According to regulation of Ministry of Education, all international students must be covered by medical insurance plan throughout their entire planned period of study. Students who don’t have valid medical insurance will not be allowed to register for the rotation program. Malpractice insurance is not required.


Accommodation Information
On-campus accommodation is located on Bao Tu Quan campus, where the No. 200 Dormitory and No. 400 Dormitory are for the international students. The dorms in No. 200 Dormitory are single ones, equipped with TV, air-conditioner, cabinet and one bed in the room, with public kitchen, toilet and bathroom on each floor. The fee for this type is 32 RMB per day. There might be price fluctuations.

Double dorms are mainly in No. 400 building, equipped with TV, central air-conditioner, cabinet, bathroom and two separate single beds. The fee for this type is 27 RMB per day per person. There might be price fluctuations.

For further information regarding the accommodation for international students at SDU, you are welcome to contact: +86-(0)531-88380710 or send email to:
accommodation2013@163.com .


If you have any questions regarding clinical rotation, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. XIA Jing (Sunny) at xiajing@sdu.edu.cn.


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