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G2008:Graduation Exam Meeting
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The school will take photos for graduates who will graduate in July 2013 for making graduation certificates. Please take your passport and inform the other students if possible. Anyone who is absent will be totally responsible for the consequence.

  1. Time: 9:00 AM,  April 2, 2013
  2. Venue: Room 2104, No.2 Teaching Building, Medical Campus
  3. Fees: 15 yuan/person


1.      The service is offered by a photo agency. Please be on time, pay the fees then and there, and check the information for your graduation.

2.      The required photo shall be bareheaded and frontal view identification photos with blue background. Please pay attention to color of dressing. It is suggested that boy students wear white shirts with bright ties and girl students in light color and everyone dress up and get ready for shooting.

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