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[Urgent] Graduates: Detailed information of Graduation Ceremony on 24th June
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Time: At 7.00 a.m. Friday Morning (24th June)

Place: In front of No.2 International Student Complex, Central Campus


Requirements: please read these information carefully

l  Please ensure that all the graduates and your families will be there on time. If you are late, you cannot attend the graduation ceremony. Therefore, please take account of the impact of traffic jam and method of transport.

l  All the graduates are required to wear graduation gowns, which are gown, hood and cap. (No slippers, jeans, T-shirts or high heels)

l  This grand graduation ceremony may take 4 hours, therefore any breakfast is better than no breakfast.

l  Families need to present their passports on graduation day.

l  Form for Leaving School will be released on graduation day.


Please inform others and thanks for your attention!


 Graduation Ceremony for MBBS students at main campus: 23rd June, Thursday

Graduation Ceremony for postgraduates at main campus: 24th June, Friday


Please come to International Student Office (F2, Teaching Building 8, Baotuquan Campus) before 11.00am this Friday.


We need to do three things:

l Collect the letter ofWhere Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?” http://www.mbbs.sdu.edu.cn/showarticle.php?articleid=2895

l Please come to the office in person, you can reserve a seat for graduation ceremony in advance (also can reserve a seat for your families).

l The gowns can be collected from our office now!


Deposit: 100 RMB / per gown (Please pay by cash)

Laundry Service (non-refundable): 15 RMB


Please remind each other, 11.00am Friday (17th June) is the deadline.

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