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How to Apply For Leave?
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This notification is to clarify the appropriate process for your leave request.


First of all, please DO tell the International Student Office and your teacher before/on the day that you can’t show up to class.

Secondly, after getting permission from the office, please DO hand in the application form of leave request to International Student Office. Without this form, the application requirements are not acceptable. In other words, your attendance records cannot be modified because you did not complete the application process.


More than one week leaving request

Students who have more than one week leaving requests (2 weeks maximum), please ask your parents to send me (zs@sdu.edu.cn) an email and explain the reason of your leaving request. After getting permission from the office, you need to fill out a different form that only can be collected from International Students Office and then hand it over to Central Campus.

Thanks for your cooperation.



Application Form of Leave Request can be downloaded from “Forms and FAQ”;

Office contact details can be found in “Contact Us”.

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